Google attempts to make right with ads for drug rehabs

Exclusive: Google unveils vetting process for drug rehab ads SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google told Reuters Monday it would resume accepting ads from U.S. addiction treatment centers in July, nearly a year after the Alphabet Inc () unit suspended the lucrative category of advertisers for numerous deceptive and misleading ads. Treatment centers now will be […]

Google is pulling addiction treatment center ads worldwide

Google is pulling addiction treatment center ads worldwide As addiction rates for illicit drugs has skyrocketed in the United States, many turned to Google to try and find places where they can find help – only to run into new issues. An entire industry has emerged online to advertise addiction treatment centers through the search […]

Asking the right questions

How to Choose an Ethical Treatment Center After reading this site you might wonder if there are any good treatment centers out there.  We are here to assure you that there are many amazing and ethical programs to be found, but how does one find them? Sometimes it’s all about asking the right questions. Here […]

Treatment Ethics Self Assessment

Treatment Ethics Self-Assessment If you are a treatment professional, here is a list of questions for you to consider when evaluating you or your program from an ethics and integrity stance: Am I up to date with my certification or license and necessary continuing education requirements? Part of having a license or certification in the […]